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The Amazing Adventures of Bart Bartson and Demolition Dinosaur

The Amazing Adventures of Bart Bartson and Demolition Dinosaur is the story of Bart Bartson, a recently orphaned 9-year-old boy who lands in an abusive foster situation. Tormented by the other boys at the home, Bart escapes into his imagination where he finds companionship in the form of a 20-foot-tall t-rex named Demolition Dinosaur. Together, the two adventure, swashbuckle, and defend a Venusian Queen from an army of toad monsters.  The confidence acquired through these adventures provides Bart with a foothold from which he regains a modicum of control in a world torn apart by loss. This is a story of overcoming trauma through imagination. And dinosaurs. And ray guns. Think Calvin and Hobbes meets Pan’s Labyrinth.

Chapter One: In Which a Boy Meets a Dinosaur

The first chapter is a 24-page, full color comic that brings a young, terrified Bart to the foster home run by Madame Stockholm. While the home appears to be the perfect situation for the young orphan, we quickly learn that appearances can be painfully deceiving. Bart quickly becomes the target of Roddy, Madame Stockholm’s brute of a nephew. At his darkest hour, Bart receives a mysterious communication that fills him with a newfound hope and introduces him to his new best pal, Demolition Dinosaur.

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Founded in 2021 by Donald Borgmeyer and Matt Johnson, Word! Inc. is a comic book imprint in Los Angeles, CA.

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